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Bhagavathgeetha is a conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna. Here they discuss lot more than life, human duties, what is good and bad? Who is god? What is karma yoga? etc which is relevant to today’s life. It is very vast but I try to explain simple trailer of Bhagavathgeetha in my way.
Following are said by Lord Krishna to Arjuna:
About soul:
Human’s body is made up of water, soil, fire, air and sky. Energy to this body is called as soul. Here Lord Krishna explains God is nothing but Energy. We are all part of that Energy. Our soul can change human bodies when they become old just like we change our cloths. Energy (soul) neither be created nor be destroyed. Soul is not going to kill by any weapon, fire and time. Soul is immortal and human body is like a home to it. Soul has unlimited power but when it enters the body, it forgets all the energy. All surrounded by us is nothing but an illusion. Just for example think you’re playing some vision related computer game, our mind accept that as it is real for that instance. Same way, our soul also thinks our body is everything but removing that concept and realising that you are a soul (part of god) is your ultimate aim. Enjoy everything from body but don’t get addicted to it.
Each one has universe within us, learn from the past, don’t feel the future and present is an endless possibilities. God (Energy) is nothing but our nature; he is in everything surrounded by us. Then, why are you in search of God?
So love everyone and every creature in this world (is called as Dharma). 
About Karma yoga:
Karma means doing work. Lord Krishna says there are many ways to reach god but best way is Karma yoga. Do your work with love and always think about giving something to society. Do your work without expectation and rest will follow you. Balance joy and sad. No battle will give you joy and sad, but your hopes and feelings about that battle decides your joy and sad. So, don’t expect anything just do your duty. Something to gain and something to loose, all remains in your hands only. Life is like a battle ground, Choose too good from good. Pick your bow and conquer the world.
About Bhakthi yoga;
Bhakthi means devotion to the god. We all think that, we done some works but the fact is we are all just the tools of the god. That Energy triggers us; we are just like a gun. Devotion in god is the only way to wash our sin. Surrendering to god is the ultimate aim of our souls to achieve Moksha(The ultimate happiness).
Moksha means a place in god OR converting a soul (athma) into the God (paramathma).

Bhagavathgeetha is not for any religion. It is for betterment of Human kind and for all Human beings.
If you want to know more about Bhagavathgeetha, Please read the book in detail.
                                        Thank you friends,


BlackVillan said…
Hi friends, Hope you like this please share this with your loved ones
Anonymous said…
Nice one.Really if someone want to change his or her then he/she should follow bhagwad git a. 👌 nd happy janamastami to u
Anonymous said…
Thanks for this! what is your recommended version of the book

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