Saturday, 26 May 2018

Mind power vs Heart power




Friends, ask yourself a question “Do, you really suffer from lack of concentration every day?” The answer of  97% people in this world is “yes”. Again ask “Why, we fail to concentrate on our work?”  Most people’s answer is their laziness, due to tension, pressure and list goes on. Do you really think these are the valid reasons? Let me give you some examples, reading novels involve no effort anyway. It is interesting and automatically holds your attention. Choose instead some book in which you are not interested. Take a solid book on economics, history, politics and read. So, here is the answer the concentration is strongly depends on individual interested work. Then, How to build interest?  What is concentration?

“Concentration is not giving attention towards our work, but it is forgetting all the things (Whole World) except our work”. Just think the difference between the human and the animal, the strong and the weak, the wise and the fool, the rich and the poor depends on how he gives attention to the things matters a lot. So, Concentration makes difference in us. Then, how to overcome this lack of concentration.
·        Everyone tells that meditation increases concentration. But most of the people do like this sitting straight, closing their eyes, concentrating for minutes on some subject Yeah it may be about the god, breathing or anything else. Meditation converts our multiple thinking into one and goes deeply into it. But we can do meditation in our daily life in every minute by focusing only on, what we are doing.
·        Most of the people think that meditation only related to mind. But heart is the main reason because, if heart loves to do it; you will do. If you follow your mind you get 5% of success, but if you follow your heart you get 95% of success. So, love your work first and do your work through mind to get 100% success in our life.
·        Try to achieve “Zero thinking”. This is the state of mind think nothing, there should not be any thought in your mind. This is very difficult; it is more powerful than meditation. This state of mind is only achieved by monks and saints. This will give happiness to our soul and energy to the body.
·        If you hold stone close to your eyes, it seems to you like the mountain but it is after all a stone. This is problem of our mind we look things very difficult rather than it is. First tell yourselves that “Your are strong, you have unlimited energy within you, bring that power outside” and do your work with this thought then see the magic. Swami Vivekananda said that “Everything is easy when you are busy, but nothing is easy when you are lazy”.
Finally, Concentration is powerful energy within us, through which we can feel this world. Concentration reduces your time and increases our energy. This gives us to gain ultimate knowledge and truth of the universe.  

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