Saturday, 26 May 2018

Release That Baby

Release That Baby

Just remember those days’ friends, when you are a baby. Your mind is full of happiness, no tension, no worries, no ego, no fear and you loved by everyone. Child’s fear is vanished by secure hug of mother. I feel secure in this world with my mother isn’t a wonderful feeling friends? Whoever superhero we may see in film but our best hero remains our dad. Our best friends are our pets.
Just give a thread to baby, he plays with it and he loves it. For a second that thread becomes everything to the baby. Babies discover happiness in a small thing. A child loves a life very much. There is no restriction to thinking and our dreams are big. Every child wants to be in a palace and always think like a king. Most imagines their future with lot of big things. We gave importance to feeling not to materials, when we are in childhood. Our mind was broad and our thinking was above the sky. Then, why our mind becomes as narrow as we grow up? Whether, knowing something from this world has become sin to us. Yeah, sometimes good is better than best. I know this; I know that, I know everything has made us narrow minded? Always remember the kite friends, as kite goes up it become small so we have to cultivate these things. Keep innocence with us. There is a baby within us. That baby want to laugh with people, that baby want to play with people and that baby want to love everyone.
So, why are you holding that baby tight? Release that baby.

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