Saturday, 26 May 2018

Remove That Boundary

Remove That Boundary

Friends ask you, who am I?
No, not define yourself on your names, profession, relationship etc these are all default answer.
But think about this, people identifies you through your character. You will remain in the minds of people through your actions. Yeah! It is right, but it is not YOU.
Then, who are you?
For example imagine you are joined for new job, you went in time and you are regular for first month. Absorbing you, your colleague praises you that you are punctual and disciple. Then, what happens friends?
Praised words repeatedly enter to your mind day and night. Your subconscious mind accepts it as your character. It may continue throughout your career.
Just for example I used disciple and punctual. You may replace it by strong, rude, honest, strict etc praised by your friends, family and surroundings. Perfectly, you show to the world, what they think about you. But you are forgetting to listen one person, that’s you. Be always what you think. Your thinking is you.
You are in the boundary created by the people. Remove that boundaries and define yourself. When you do this, trust me friends you can see your best version than ever. Because frankly telling, you don’t have any definition for you. You are continues in this world. Your actions no longer remains as old, it should be updated according to time. Don’t pin yourself to some words because you are too vast than those words.

                                        Thank you friends,

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