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Don’t Run, Try Again

Don’t Run, Try Again


Friends, many of us think that we will achieve something on someday. Many people imagine their 20 years future plans. All of these people had a fear in their mind about their plans. If they reveal those ideas (take ideas for example Business, inventions, lifestyle etc), they always have a fear that somebody will be benefited by using their ideas, so they hide their ideas with them. They keep on postponing their ideas.
“One day will come, I will do this. I do that business and then I achieve so much success in my life. My hope and heart live in my goal. This is my life time goal”.
This is not unique thinking friends; Fact is 95% people in this world think like this only. Most people think they live long life, they get success, name, fame, and money etc all is common. But what make you different from others, trust me friends is your actions at right time. If you are thinking something big in your mind then execute it right now, do it now. By doing this you will understand the truth. By work, you will understand that, who are your competitors? How many people doing same like you? What makes you to take your business higher than those?
Your competitors surely less now compared to after 5 or 6 year, so do it now.
Learn from the people who are near to their deaths. Think friends, Keep yourself in their position. Imagine what happens to you and which thought will come first to your mind, when doctor says “You will no longer live than 6 months”. Think of those people friends. Think about Stefan Hawkins. You cannot predict your future so do it now.

I remember wonderful words of Chanakya,
"When your way is opposite to you,
  When you don’t have money,
   Don’t run, Try again,
   Try again, don’t run.
  What happens if you fail?
  What happens if people laughed at you?
   Don’t run, Try again,
   Try again, don’t run.
   Night is day, Sun will rise
   Don’t run, Try again,
   Try again, don’t run.
  Sad is your joy, Joy is your sad,
  Defeat is your victory; Victory is your defeat,
   Don’t run, Try again,
   Try again, don’t run"

When you are thinking some great just close your eyes for one second and chant this Success mantra “Don’t run, Try again,
   Try again, don’t run”

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BlackVillan said…
Hi friends, comment how it is and please share with your loved ones.
Zulkhar said…
Nice one
BlackVillan said…
Thank you Zulkhar

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