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Mind Games

Mind Games



This is the story of salesman. He was wise in business. One day he wanted to go for another city for his sales. He went to that city. He did all the work but he got late, so he missed his last bus at that night. When he asked in the counter, there is no bus for him till morning. He was thinking that what can he do now? He doesn’t know anybody in that city. So, in the midnight he was walking on the road, on that time he saw two persons sleeping near the tree. He thought that he also sleep with them for that night and morning he can go to his town.

He tried to talk with them but they are in deep sleep. So he doesn’t want to disturb them and slept side to them. Salesman wake up in the morning at 5 ‘o’ clock. He was ready to go to his town and he wanted to talk with those people. So, he tries to wake them up then he realizes they were dead. Somebody killed them and throw them near the tree. Salesman shocked for a minute by seeing dead bodies. He ran away from that place with full of fear in his mind. He ran so many kilometers and he was tired. He took rest on some rock that time he realizes the pain in his both feet. His two legs are full of blood. Till now, he never realized that pain and the pain is so horrible. By looking it, he got worried and he decided to consult doctor. He began to run again, because he was in hurry, he got accident by car. His both hands are fractured and he was struggling with those pains. Finally, that car owner took him to the hospital. Salesman told about his hands to doctor and he took treatment for hands only. He came to home and he realizes, he forgot to tell about his legs to doctor. He was confused, what was happened with him. After some time he realize something. He was with dead bodies without knowing them, that time he has no fear. But realizing these two as dead bodies his mind is full of tension and fear. These tension and fear made him to run. Then also he didn’t realized he was running on sharp stone and glass on the road. Because, his mind is with the fear of dead bodies. When he took rest on some place he realized pain in his legs. So, his fear is shifted from dead bodies to legs now. Then also he ran and he got accident by car. While he was in hospital he only know about his hands pain, because his mind is shifted from legs to hands.
Moral of story:
There is no fear like concept in this world; it is only our mind’s game.
Mind has a power of focusing deep into something by forgetting all the things. Whether I don’t know it is advantage or disadvantage of mind. Using this mind power our saints not realized their body pain while doing meditation for so many years. Because, their mind is only focused on their soul.  

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