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Think like a Eagle and Attack like a Tiger

Someone can run fast and someone can’t. Someone can fight well and someone can’t. Someone can swim fast and others can’t. All of us have our own strengths and weaknesses. There is no one in this world who knows everything. But we are unable to understand this truth. We allow our one weakness to occupy our centre of life. We struggle, we cry, we suffer and also we hate those weaknesses. In this process we spend our more time on what we cannot do and we forget what we can do. You may have 99 weaknesses but focus on 1 strength you have friends. Work for that one strength, build your strategies, give your concentration, dedication, perseverance and time to that one strength that will turn your life. This world is weak friends and you need only little energy to win the race. Don’t compare yourself with anyone. If you do so, this means you are competing against everyone in this world. Don’t try to become best in this world rather try always to become best version of yourself. Update yourself with new information and update your strengths daily. Be always your best version because today’s best version will be tomorrow’s best in the world.
Friends always think like Eagle. Don’t put limitation to your thinking and always fly above the boundaries.
Attack like a Tiger. Tiger don’t think about how big you are. It always builds strategies to put his hunt down. These strategies are so strong and well execution of these strategies results in big result.
So give importance to build strategies, keep always hungry for goal and your  attack like a tiger.

Thank you friends,


BlackVillan said…
Hi friends, Share your valuable comments and share to your loved ones
Newtan said…
Yes, you're absolutely correct. Well written. Thanks.
BlackVillan said…
Thank you for your lovely comment Newtan

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