Monday, 18 June 2018

One Click Can Change Your Thought

One Click Can Change Your Thought


90 years old men want to reach his destination. He is very weak. In front of him, there are 20 stair case steps. Friends, put you in this position and think. You see those steps. You have a walking stick for your support. It is very difficult to you to climb even one or two steps. You left with no energy. Your legs are shaking. You have to convince yourself to climb one step and again another. You are now in 5th step, but your heart beating is so fast. Your blood pressure is rising. You are feeling pain in your body. You will take rest for few minutes and convince again your mind to take One more step” and this action continues. Finally you reached your destiny.
In our daily life also, we come across these steps in our work. These steps reduce our confidence and make us to think impossible to cross them. But have patience the only solution to this is time. Don’t struck within it, take some rest and tell your mind to take “One more step”. Because that confident one step reaches you to your destiny.
If your way is not visible to you, then continue your journey you will definitely find it.
Do simple things with care, don’t neglect these simple things, it will make huge difference to your life.
                                One smile
                         Can start a friendship,
                                One word
                             Can end a fight,
                                One look
                         Can save a relationship,
                                One thought
                          Can change your life,

     Thank you friends,

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