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We all are proud of what we have learnt. We always think I know these things better than my friends, better than my colleague, better than my neighbour etc. But the fact is your known knowledge also day by day keeps on updating. This world is changing day by day then what about your knowledge, it took rest in your hidden secret locker room of mind. Knowledge is not constant friends and it is like flow of water. We can see water flow in ponds and that pond water flows to river and that river water flows to ocean. Simply say flowing water is useful to us for our life. Rest water is a place for mosquitoes to live and cause dangerous diseases. Same way our knowledge must be in flow. Discuss what you know with your friends. If you know more than them, then teach them by doing this your knowledge improves and remains in your mind long time. It improves your memory. If your friends knows more than you then learn from them. Always remember a good listener is good speaker. Ask simple to simple things also don’t feel humiliation. In this way your knowledge goes in positive direction like flow of water, yes or no friends.
I always remember my favourite professor. He used say to us “Take a 200 pages note book and write all things you know. That means it includes what you know from your birth to till now. It may be academic or personal learning or lessons you learnt from your life”.
Trust me friends I started writing from alphabets, numbers and it finally reached up to Kirchhoff law’s, Ohm’s law and Newton’s law’s. What I noticed am I only able to write 39 pages of 200 pages book. I tried to remember only few things of my learning. Then I realized that my knowledge was like rest water. This is simply waste of time.
Always ask yourself three questions,
Why I am doing this? Is it practically applicable to us? What is the outcome?
If your answer satisfies these questions then only move on.
According to me there are two types of people exist,
Type one: Some people know 100% of knowledge and they fail to express it or convey it to people.
Type two: Some people know 10% of knowledge and they work 90% of their energy to convey this knowledge to others.
So, stop gaining knowledge, stop reading books and start applying it. Because all great leaders you may check in history, they always followed type two. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas.

“Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking, Thinking provides knowledge and Knowledge makes you great”        

-  A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


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