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Top 10 Life quotes

Life quotes

1. Don't dare to be different, dare to be yourself - if that doesn't make you different then something is wrong.
- Laura Baker
2. If you're afraid to take risks in anything in life, it's just boredom. - Clint Eastwood.
3.Stop running to those who ignore you and start running to those who adore you. - Joseph Simmons.
4.Persistence is the most powerful force on earth, it can move mountains. - Albert Einstein.
5. No one has ever become poor by giving. - Anne Frank.
6.The man who views the world at 50, the same way he viewed it at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life. - Muhammad Ali.
7. Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from.
- Seth Godin.
8.The purpose of our lives is to be happy. - Dalai Lama.
9. I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
10. Don't make excuses for why you can't get it done. Focus on all the reasons why yo…

Power of Positivity

Power of Positivity

Hi friends, you may have heard about Nick vujicic.
Nick is famous motivational speaker, youth icon, and YouTube sensation today. He is the founder the company “Attitude is Attitude”. But his past life was full of twist and turns. Nick was born with a rare disorder called Tetra Amelia syndrome, characterized by the absence of arms and legs. His life was not normal compared to others. He was depressed by that and he attempted to suicide at his age of 10. But a turning point came to his life when his mother showed him a newspaper article consisting of the story of a person suffering from severe disability. Nick gained more confidence as he moved on and learned many things in his life.
Nick started to learn things with his two deformed feet. He learned to operate electronic device, writing, brushing teethes, combing hairs, answering calls, playing golf, swimming, car driving etc.
He is the author of life without limits, unstoppable, love without limits, stand strong and limitless, which inspired many people across the world.
Nick’s ability to love others, his zest of life and his sense of humor is amazing. He is inspiring students with his incredible stories.
Now, just think friends what made him to do so?
The power of positivity that he saw in newspaper. That seed is grown up to big tree and now it is giving shelter to all of us.
Friends just think about B.S. Chandrasekhar a famous cricket legend. Who thought one day he will rule cricket. He used his polio affected arm to his advantage, turning the wrist like few, to bowl those googlies and flipper that set up many famous test victories , making him one of India’s all time great bowler’s.
Many more people are there who turned their weakness to strength by the power of positivity. Physical strength is health and mental strength is wealth.
A positive mind can find a way to solve biggest to biggest problems. When we are on the top of the mountain, everyone has fear of falling down but few think they can fly over, that is what positivity is all about.
Our thinking is just like a drop of water on the floor, it has no power but think friends that drop of water drops to ocean then what it can do now?
It has unlimited power and that is not water drop now, it is ocean.
Power of positivity is like that of ocean. So, be always positive in your life.
Nick’s says, “Yet I do believe that when you do onto others, blessings come to you as well. So if you don’t have a friend, be a friend. If you are having a bad day, make someone else's day. If your feelings are hurt, heal those of another”.
In his life without limits he wrote, “To keep moving up, you to abandon the security of that ledge and reach for another hold. Letting go of that sense of the challenge........think of yourself as climbing a ladder. To move to the next rung, you must give up your grip and reach for the next one”

Thank you friends,


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