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Work is work ship

Work is work ship


Friends, How many people work happily today?
How many of them are satisfied with their jobs?
How many can think to improve their company or their working field?
Hardly 20% of world population can find joy in their work or job. You may have heard this, 80% of people have 20% of money and 20% of people have 80% of money with them. Why this happens?
Money is not everything but at the same time you can’t neglect it. Think about it friends.

The real reason is 80% of people are in search of success, money, name and fame but that 20% people are following their passion, their dreams, and their hearts.
So friends, here are two options with us to choose our job:-
Go with your passion:-
Passion is all about what you love to do. If you have any talents like music, dance etc and you believe that you can succeed in that, you can choose that passion. Because you already love this to do then no difficulties can do much damage to you. Only keep in the mind that, how you are strong in that way to move with your opponents?
Go with your job:-
Many people are there who are not willing to do their jobs but they joined forcefully under some circumstances. They don’t love it but they have no choice left with them. They can’t understand how their company works. They find difficulties, tension, stress in all the way.
Friends, is that your problem too then beat down that thought first. Because many discoveries in science made by accident. They don’t want to see that result but that result brought them Nobel Prize, isn’t it?
It is not about your passion or how you love your job, it is all about how you work, how you dedicate yourself to it and how you use your brain.
There are many people in this world you can see, they made their jobs as their passion, they toiled everyday in that field and they are now known from their work. They made their field great. They gave us inspiration to join that field by their works.

Don’t go like donkey. Donkey always follows his owner and it always move with maximum load on it. But it doesn’t know why it is going?  Where it is going?
Simply say make your job as your passion. Try to learn everyday instead of going towards negative starts from zero now. Only concentration and dedication is enough to learn anything. You will be master in that after some time.
A wise person can take right decision but successful person only take decision and then he make it as right.

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Thank you friends,



Blackvillan said…
I love hear your beautiful comments, please comment and share this.
Newtan said…
Wow, friend nicely written article.
Blackvillan said…
Thank you friend

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