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How education works in 10 lines

Real Education


Education brings perfectness in us. Education is not about memory. We have created lot of memory devices like computer, mobile etc. But we can’t able to do what computers can do? That’s why we created machines.
But remember we are creators and we have unlimited energy. Give importance to creativity. All knowledge lies within us. Just think friends all inventions are born in us only and we brought them to this world.
Knowledge is like diamond within us, but those diamonds are fallen in mud. It is not shining anymore unless education washes it. Education realizes us that there is diamond inside us. Our duty is to put that diamond for sunshine to enlighten many people surrounded by us. That’s how education works.
Education means giving something to the people or society which helps them to build their life. Money cannot give us true knowledge only failures, love and sacrifice can gives us true knowledge.

Thank you friends,


BlackVillan said…
Hi friends share your comments and share this to your loved ones.
Newtan said…
Yes, my friend. Education helps to wash the mud and make that diamond shine. And if we'll self educate yourself, then it will shine more. Thanks for sharing this awesome article.
BlackVillan said…
Thank you Newtan
Anonymous said…
Nice is necessary bt self education help us lot to improve our skills.
BlackVillan said…
Thank you Sara Garg for your nice lines
Bethenewyou4you said…
Short and sweet but covered everything! Nice! Really an eye opener reality! 👏👌👍👏👌👍😃
kartik nandan said…
thanks for sharing this amazing content.good work
BlackVillan said…
Thank you Karthik nandan and Bethenewyou4you
This is amazing. Education has been and always will be very crucial. This is really important to share, thank you! :)
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Blackvillan said…
Thank you and always welcome.

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