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How to solve Promblems with will power.

Don’t loose your grip


We are all having our own strengths and weaknesses. Same way problem has too. Find solution to the problem in that problem only. All of us focus on strength of problem, but we fail to identify its weakness. We are searching huge things to solve our problems but it can be solved by tiny things. A door can be opened by key not with another door. A huge elephant is controlled by its ears. Don’t try to remove the branches of the problem; it will still grow big so remove problems by its root so it never repeats again.
Victory chooses those who holds grip in fight so don’t loose your grip. Just see how snakes hunt, if they loose grip they will get kicks. Never give up.
Here no one is perfect, time decides everything. If you got kicks and punches just believe that “I will get a chance to hit one punch”. Keep on saving you for that one punch throughout war. Trust me friends, your opponent will surely give you a chance, however strong he may be. Wait for that time and keep on saving you. When you got that precious one second hit him with full energy, hit him with whatever you have to knock him down. This is what a real champion does. He needs only one second to knock down his problems.

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BlackVillan said…
Hi friends, Share your valuable comments and share this with your loved ones.
Anonymous said…
Bethenewyou4you said…
Beautifully explained!It's like a power Booster for the life! Keep up your good work! 👍 👌 😃 👏 👏 👏
Newtan said…
Wow, I loved this article. Very nice my friend.
BlackVillan said…
Thank you Newtan, Bethenewyou4you and sara Garg

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