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Top 10 Life quotes

Life quotes 1. Don't dare to be different, dare to be yourself - if that doesn't make you different then something is wrong. - Laura Baker 2. If you're afraid to take risks in anything in life, it's just boredom. - Clint Eastwood . 3.Stop running to those who ignore you and start running to those who adore you. - Joseph Simmons . 4.Persistence is the most powerful force on earth, it can move mountains. - Albert Einstein . 5. No one has ever become poor by giving. - Anne Frank . 6.The man who views the world at 50, the same way he viewed it at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life. - Muhammad Ali . 7. Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from. - Seth Godin . 8.The purpose of our lives is to be happy. - Dalai Lama . 9. I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. - Martin Luther King, Jr. 10. Don't make excuses for why you can't g


Bhagavathgeetha   Bhagavathgeetha is a conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna. Here they discuss lot more than life, human duties, what is good and bad? Who is god? What is karma yoga? etc which is relevant to today’s life. It is very vast but I try to explain simple trailer of Bhagavathgeetha in my way. Following are said by Lord Krishna to Arjuna: About soul: Human’s body is made up of water, soil, fire, air and sky. Energy to this body is called as soul. Here Lord Krishna explains God is nothing but Energy. We are all part of that Energy. Our soul can change human bodies when they become old just like we change our cloths. Energy (soul) neither be created nor be destroyed. Soul is not going to kill by any weapon, fire and time. Soul is immortal and human body is like a home to it. Soul has unlimited power but when it enters the body, it forgets all the energy. All surrounded by us is nothing but an illusion. Just for example think you’re playing some vision

Remove That Boundary

Remove That Boundary Friends ask you, who am I? No, not define yourself on your names, profession, relationship etc these are all default answer. But think about this, people identifies you through your character. You will remain in the minds of people through your actions. Yeah! It is right, but it is not YOU. Then, who are you? For example imagine you are joined for new job, you went in time and you are regular for first month. Absorbing you, your colleague praises you that you are punctual and disciple. Then, what happens friends? Praised words repeatedly enter to your mind day and night. Your subconscious mind accepts it as your character. It may continue throughout your career. Just for example I used disciple and punctual. You may replace it by strong, rude, honest, strict etc praised by your friends, family and surroundings. Perfectly, you show to the world, what they think about you. But you are forgetting to listen one person, that’s yo

Release That Baby

Release That Baby Just remember those days’ friends, when you are a baby. Your mind is full of happiness, no tension, no worries, no ego, no fear and you loved by everyone. Child’s fear is vanished by secure hug of mother. I feel secure in this world with my mother isn’t a wonderful feeling friends? Whoever superhero we may see in film but our best hero remains our dad. Our best friends are our pets. Just give a thread to baby, he plays with it and he loves it. For a second that thread becomes everything to the baby. Babies discover happiness in a small thing. A child loves a life very much. There is no restriction to thinking and our dreams are big. Every child wants to be in a palace and always think like a king. Most imagines their future with lot of big things. We gave importance to feeling not to materials, when we are in childhood. Our mind was broad and our thinking was above the sky. Then, why our mind becomes as narrow as we grow up? Whether, kn

How To Become a Good Businessman

How To Become a Good Businessman               A good businessman is like a good chess player. He always thinks 10 moves forward to take his decision. He never afraid to invest more. But by his thinking towards future he will almost succeed in everything. Most important thing for any businessman is his connectivity with the people. He will always talk in an attractive way with the people. He should always be honest with the people. This forms a trust in between them and this strengthens their relationship. A wise businessman realizes people that he is not selling any product but he is helping people. He will put his energy, time and love to his work. He always updating with new technology to reach people. In chess some pawns are sacrificed to win the game. Same way initially by offering products free and conquering the whole market is becomes a good strategy in business. Don’t think that your way is best in business, it will throw you down. For that instance of time it looks li

Give up or Stand up

Give up or Stand up Friends, ask yourself who you are? Many people think of their names and this is me. Some may think their positions, jobs and some think about their relationship like mother, father etc. But these are all default; Do you think these are your identification? No, friends. People remember you for your character and behavior. We can simply say it as attitude. Your attitude is your identity. Your attitude is your life and your are known for your attitude only. You may be struck with some critical situations in your life. In that situation, how you manage? How you fight? How you solve it? This makes your character still strong. Many people are just put their love, pain, dreams and everything on some plan (it may be business, sports, career etc). They work hard for that; if it fails then they become frustrated and depressed. They will struck in life, thinking that their plan is everything for them. They made their plan to occupy the center of

How to live joyful life

How to live joyful life When you see somebody that may be your friend, your mind thinks for one second “Can I be like him?” You are very much impressed by his character. His smile, his joyful face, his eye contact, his talking style, his leadership and making fun with the people all are attractive. He always happy with people and by seeing his face we can guess that he is tension less in life. You already met some persons in your life like this and you may be tried to be like him or her. Then, how can these people control their mind like that? How can these people lead their life happily than others? Here are some tips what they always follow friends, ·         Make more friends: - Express your joy or sad with them. This will reduce your tension and makes your mind free. ·         Be interested in several activities: - Hobbies are always good. Traveling, reading books, paintings, music etc will boost your mind. Don’t think that you are not capable

Spirituality in Science

Spirituality in Science This is not strange friends, what! Spirituality in science? How it is possible? A friend, Science is nothing but to know about new things. Here are two different aspects science and technology. Science gives us knowledge and technology uses this knowledge and practically achieves it. It may be anything for example, Science gives knowledge about nano-particles and also the planets, but technology proves this through microscope and telescope. Through science we achieved so many things in this world. But let me know, how a successful scientist thinks. Scientist imagines something in his mind then he works hard to make that imagination to reality, for the benefit of the people. The truth is scientist want give unimaginable things to the world. Yeah, it is his duty, but the true meaning of duty is to helping people. Great works needs some time and consistency to achieve it. Somebody fails in it; by hard work scientist succeed in

Mind power vs Heart power

Concentration     Friends, ask yourself a question “Do, you really suffer from lack of concentration every day?” The answer of   97% people in this world is “yes”. Again ask “Why, we fail to concentrate on our work?”   Most people’s answer is their laziness, due to tension, pressure and list goes on. Do you really think these are the valid reasons? Let me give you some examples, reading novels involve no effort anyway. It is interesting and automatically holds your attention. Choose instead some book in which you are not interested. Take a solid book on economics, history, politics and read. So, here is the answer the concentration is strongly depends on individual interested work. Then, How to build interest?   What is concentration? “Concentration is not giving attention towards our work, but it is forgetting all the things (Whole World) except our work”. Just think the difference between the human and the animal, the strong and the weak, the wise and the fool, the rich