Sunday, 8 July 2018

Hopes drive our Life

Hopes drive our Life


Hope builds opportunity every day,

Opportunities make us to fight for our dreams,

Consistency in fight builds confidence in us,

Confident person never defeat in life.

You may have experienced these friends. The days with hopes and without.

The days with hopes begin with fresh air, fresh thought, little warm up to mind and it is adventures day for us. But days without hopes doesn’t show you a right direction and you almost like a confused person. According to me having hopes daily irrespective of success or failure it is an advantage to us, How?

I compare hopes to 100W bulb. Hopes continuously emit light rays towards us. A person in darkness can now see the truth surrounded by him. He can take decision to move in right direction. So, hopes put light to our way to understand the things.

What happens if that 100W bulb (Hopes) fell down and broken into pieces. If our hopes failed or broken then also a ray of light enters into our heart. We can also say it as enlighten in spiritual way. If our hopes shattered into pieces, our mind becomes depressed. We understand the truth that there is something wrong in us. We go on searching those mistakes and we comeback. We bounce back and we have realized the true knowledge of success. True knowledge comes from failures and this knowledge is hidden within that 100W bulb (Hopes). If you get success it is OK but if you get failures then think that you have one more chance to learn.

Einstein many times failed while inventing bulb but he said that “I have not failed. I have just found 10000 ways that won’t work”.

Even C.V.Raman said that “I am not master of physics but I am master of my failures”.

This what successful people think like.

Thank you Friends,