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Anxiety about going to school | School anxiety |

School anxiety

School anxiety or school refusal explains the disorder of a child who refuses to go to school on a regular basis.
You may think now, it is most common in all children and it is not so serious thing. But friends, you may have heard the story of elephant and rope. If you are not taking care about this, it will leads to several mental disorders for your child in future.
What you feed to your child in initial days matters a lot. These thoughts will firmly fix in your child’s mind so be aware what you feed and how you are giving moral and mental support to your child.
Approximately about 1% to 5% of school children have school anxiety and it is common in 5 to 6 years and in 10 to 11 years old. It is because child experience major change in his life for example entrance to kindergarten, entrance to middle school from elementary and summer holidays to school etc.
In this article, I am going to discuss about symptoms and signs of school anxiety, treatment to it and most importantly what parents and teachers can do about this.

Symptoms and signs:-
·        Children feel sick often and often.
·        Children waking up with a headache, stomach ache or sore throat.
·        Children often complain about school.
·        If child stays in home these things disappears and again comes back when school starts.
·   Children with school anxiety may have crying spells or throw temper tantrums.

These symptoms may further convert to anxiety, depression, sleep disorder and learning disabilities.

Why children suffer from school refusal:-
·     Emotional attachment with parents cause children think about their parents. They think negatively about their parents like “What may happens to my parents in my absence?”
·        Child may strongly addict to toys, computer games and pets etc.
·     Child may don’t want to participate in tests, speech’s, physical education classes.
·        Fear of teachers and friends.
·        Shyness or social phobia can contribute to school refusal.
·       Child is opens to world where there is no support and care of their parents. Simply say child feels alone.

This is not clinical disorder and it is a preliminary stage of anxiety disorder and social phobia. It is diagnosed through questions and interviews by doctors. Other methods are not proven to be as useful. This disorder is cured by most importantly parents and teachers.

Solutions for school anxiety:-

What the teacher’s role in curing this?  
·     When teachers saw the symptoms like these, teacher must give support to those children and they must interact with them in friendly way.
·        Appreciating toppers and scolding average and below average students is not right thing. This will decrease the hopes of children and they make their minds as they are not good at studies.
·    Find unique talents in children and appreciate them for that. This is great pleasure for those children and it makes them confident about their skills. Teacher’s must invite these types of children on stage and encourage them in front of all his/her friends for their good works. This will avoid the stage fear and social phobia.
·      Children don’t know what they are capable of and they don’t know what is right or wrong? They blindly follow teacher’s instruction and it is teacher’s duty that they must feed those children mind with positive thoughts. So this will make children to believe in them and that belief is most powerful thing.
·   Give freedom to children. Give freedom to explain their thoughts and problems. This will make a strong bonding between children and teacher. Child believes in teacher as a care taker and they explain about their problems clearly. This will give a clear picture of what really child is struggling from and teachers may find solution for that easily.
·   Always appreciate the creative thinking of children. Instead of academic results, extract what child’s view on subject. Make children to discover more things in that and leave them with practical experiments. Practical things attract children and make them curious about their studies. Develop creator’s mentality in children.

How can parents take care of their children’s from school refusal:-
·       Remove the fear of child about the school. Discuss nicely, what is the trouble of your child for going to school. Whether it is friends, teachers, homework, test etc. Find out the solution for that.
·      Always be in touch with the class teacher and collect the information about your child. On the other hand discuss with teachers about these problems of child so that teacher will understand and take care of that.
·     In holiday’s time, child is too much attached to family so it is difficult for kids to leave these emotions. So before one week to start school meet your kid’s best school friend to him and in that one week give more time for them to play. At least he will be comfortable to go school.
·       Don’t feed your kids brain too much and let them free in these ages. Because putting pressure on them leads to the feel them Education is so boring.
·    Find your child’s interest and teach them in that boundary and also give example that is related to their interest so that they can grasp easily.

Friends understand this; even school dropouts had become great scientists, poets, writers, businessman and many more. Your child’s thinking may be far away from this academic syllabus. Who knows? Your child wants to be a president of your country but some parents and teachers end up their children life as clerks in the bank. Look at the birds, they feed their offspring’s, they teach how to survive in this world and they teach how to fly. But we human at the fly time of ours kids we cut those wings and we make them for nothing.
Do you know, what is purest love can parents give for their children’s?  
It is nothing but freedom. Freedom is greatest love towards anyone because it indicates that you have so much trust and belief on them. Your support and your motivational words is enough to cure this school anxiety. Try this magic once.

Thank you friends for the time,   


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