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How to read any book?


Friends, what is best source to store knowledge? It is undoubtedly the books. But now the technology has become fast much information is stored in the websites, YouTube videos, eBook etc. But we cannot replace the books because we are more comfortable to read the maximum knowledge in books only. We have practised this since childhood so it is more joy for us to hold book and read those words.

A good book can be a good friend of you. Our ancient time people had maximum knowledge and experience about this world. They experienced this beautiful life and they stored their knowledge in written form for younger generation to know what is good and what is bad. How to live in this world? This knowledge includes autobiography of a person which we can know how he struggles to reach this goal? He made path for us to move in that field as easy as possible by sharing his experience. Many times lot of people took their life biggest decision by reading books and more over lot of people work ship the holy books and they followed all the paths. So you can understand what we have given importance for books. For many people book is a like a well wisher, like a motivation charger and for some it is like a god. Many people build their life by the knowledge of books.

For reading such type of books, we must have some dedication and devotion towards it then only the knowledge enters to our mind. We must keep our surroundings clean, silent and avoid distraction as much as possible. Our reading place should be like a place for meditation. Our 100% concentration only helps us to enter the inner world of the book. Even sun needs lens to burn paper. Same way our multiple direction thoughts need concentration to converge and this way we can gain ultimate knowledge.

Swami Vivekananda who was the master of concentration managed to read a one volume of book a day and he is memorize it for long time.

If anybody asks him any question about that book, he used to answer word to word. This incident shocked Akhandananda , he questioned swamiji how it is possible?

Swamiji answered, first we have learnt the letters in our childhood and after we learnt to read words to words. Our concentration and practise increases to read sentences by sentences. So as the same way practising with intense concentration we can also read paragraph by paragraph and page by page in a seconds. So it is the practise with 100% concentration make whole page to look like a simple thing and we can read volume of a book. This is wonderful technique.

Recollect those readings in your mind and make down the points. Memorize those points often and often to keep that in memory for long term. This is the way we can be mastery of anything.

Thank you friends for your time,   


I love to hear comments from you and please share this to your loved ones.
Anonymous said…
Really this kind of suggestion is required for this computerised world... And now a days students are completely depending upon Google and not recapitulating the things that Wat they studied..,they don't have the habit of reading the books.. I hope you post will help so many students... Keep motivating... Nice lines...
Thank you friend for your love

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