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Success Graph - Motivational article

Friends, every one of us have our own role models in life. It may be about their fashion, dedication, passion, decisions, thoughts or leadership skills may inspired us. We follow their path to lead our life’s journey and we all compare our actions with them to take our decisions for right thing.
But, have you ever asked these questions with you.
“What is the reason for their success?”
“What is that quality, which separate them from everybody?”
“How they approach any work with 100% dedication?”
“How they are so much disciple with their lifestyle?”
Life is same for all the creatures. Rain, wind, sunlight all falls on every creature as same and it is same with our problems also.
Some people will run from those problems and some people will fight against it. It is those people who win this battle who practiced the art of fighting in every single problem will go to next level.
Rich will become richer and poor still poorer. Someone is achieving his dreams more effectively but someone is failing. Someone is chasing luck every day but some depending on their work. Different mindset of people approaching towards same direction that is towards their success, but in different ways. Let discuss these mindsets below one by one through graph to understand it in deep. 

See the analysis below:-

1. Luck graph

Consider this graph which shows the persons who believes in luck not in work. Some people will work without knowing “How it operates?” These types of people are not creative any way and they are strong. But most of these people spend their time in enjoyments. Even when luck comes to their life also, they don’t know “How to manage that luck to greater success”.
That success from luck will definitely fall to initial. This results in lack in their financial freedom also. 

 2. Work graph


Consider this graph, you may have noticed now this is graph of hard working peoples. These people are creative but in certain boundary only and these people afraid to take great decision which can turn their life. But these people want to be in safe mode so they maintain their graph in constant level. When luck comes to them because of fear of failures, they also don’t use that luck to greater level to achieve maximum output. These are the people who follow the commands of authority. Their financial freedom is good to live happy life.

3. Success graph


Consider this graph; this is the graph of successful people and the same graph of our role models. These people know “How to manage time”. These creative people give equal importance to everything. It may be from enjoyment to their duties. They fail every time but they don’t lose hopes. Their view towards any problem is far away from common people’s view. When problem comes to their life or in business field, they take that problem as their opportunity to get success. When every time they fail, they learn to stand up tall and they absolutely know “how to manage success and failures”. Even luck is not seen in their life because they cover their graph by their intelligence and they maintain their luck to another level. These people never afraid to take great decisions and they have practised their decision making as a habit, so that never ever fail. Their consistency in work and never giving up attitude will reach their success graph to maximum. Even in less time they achieve more financial freedom.
Hope you like this article, if it so figure out these things in your life to move forward towards your success.

I am Warrior:-

When I failed many times,
When I struck with problems,
I asked myself “Why it’s me, always?”
When I fired my dreams,
When I lost my hopes,
I asked myself “Why it’s me, always?”
When luck kicked me from the peak,
When nobody is there with me,
I asked myself “Why it’s me, always?”
But I changed my question now,
It is not “Why it’s me, always?”
It is now “Why not me?”
This is the way to success,
This is the way to be like a Warrior
And defeat our problems,
As a warrior now,
I ask myself “Why not me?”

Thank you friends for your time,



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