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How to grow in life? 

Friends, have you ever faced most difficult situation in your life?
Sure, everyone should pass this way to move in life’s journey.
But some people will fail to overcome those problems. Those people think day and night about their problem. If they don’t find any way to solve those situations, they give up. Day by day their stress level increases and one day they will be in serious trouble.   
Just understand this, problems find you because they know you are the only one who have strength to solve. Everything on this planet related to every other thing but our eyes cannot recognize it, but our mind and body can feel this. For example, you never touched snake in your life but you can feel this by your mind. Just close your eyes and imagine you are holding snake. Your subconscious will give you the feel of how snake is. Because in the other way, we are just peace of earth and snake also. We are related to each other.
In the same way, your brain is used more in playing chess games. But when you driving any vehicle your concentration is not strong as playing chess but still you will act spontaneously for any danger, this is because of your subconscious. Friends, everyday our subconscious responds to certain vibration around us and it will save every memory but we are not just aware of it.
Our problems also sometimes solved easily by our brain but some time it is not possible by our brain. In this particular case, give your problems to subconscious. Because when you are lost in dark room even a ray of sun light can guide you to come out of it and that ray of light is your hope. Give your problem to subconscious for some time and always have hope. Because hope is the only energy behind our subconscious to find any solution. Just like a seed in the soil hopes for water and sunlight to grow and that is the only hope which makes that seed to tree. However big your problem may, have hopes and one or the other day that hope will make use of your problem as advantage like seed and grow bigger than that problem.

Thank you friends for your time, 


Blackvillan said…
I love to hear comments from you people and share this to your loved ones.
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Blackvillan said…
Thank you friend for your love.
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