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Time management

We all know the importance of time. Everything in our life is depends on one thing that is time. But observe this; time does not depend on anything. Life time of insects may be few days and life time of animals may be few years. But interesting thing here is both of them experience life very beautifully. Even though insects live few days they also experience life same like animals and humans but insects are spontaneous than humans. Just for example fly uses its wings thousand times in a second. This shows that fly is adjusted to speed that unimaginable for us to understand. Fly does work faster than our thoughts. I think this is the quality that brilliant people like Einstein, Bruce lee, Tesla etc adopted in their life. Their imagination and moves are faster than common people. Einstein explained the concepts like space and time but I believe his concentration and consciousness of every single second made this discovery. Yes friends, our consciousness and concentration can control our space and time. It is applicable to individual and differs from one person to another. But another interesting thing about Einstein was, he used to sleep 10 hours per day. Some of us has wrong concept that successful people sleep less. Friends forget this. Sleep as long as you want and your body wants. Sleep is the stage that our body and mind get relaxed. Only a relaxed and peaceful mind can take clever decision. 
Your intelligence depends on your efficiency that is how less time you will take to finish your more work. This is possible only when you enhance your thinking speed. This type of speed creates accurate imagination of things. Tesla used solves every difficult integral problem through his imagination. This act of him wondered his friends and teachers. So don’t think like defensive in a restricted boundary, always be aggressive in your thinking. There should not be any boundary for your thinking. So in this state even time also supports you for your work. 

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