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How to live joyful life

How to live joyful life

When you see somebody that may be your friend, your mind thinks for one second “Can I be like him?” You are very much impressed by his character. His smile, his joyful face, his eye contact, his talking style, his leadership and making fun with the people all are attractive. He always happy with people and by seeing his face we can guess that he is tension less in life. You already met some persons in your life like this and you may be tried to be like him or her. Then, how can these people control their mind like that? How can these people lead their life happily than others? Here are some tips what they always follow friends, ·Make more friends: - Express your joy or sad with them. This will reduce yourtension and makes your mind free. ·Be interested in several activities: -Hobbies arealways good. Traveling, reading books, paintings, music etc will boost your mind. Don’t think that you are not capable doing many things, try to build interest in it, learn it by h…