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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

How to stop overthinking | Overthinking|

How to stop over thinking:-


“Control your thinking, because thinking becomes your words.
  Control your words, because words become your actions.
  Control your actions, because actions become your habit.
  Control your habits, because habits become your character”.

So, this is how friends a simple thought of our own becomes character. It is important to make those thoughts clean and positive one. Unless those thoughts will eat us every day.
Think in multiple direction and think thousand times to take action, but few people will spend their most of time in this state. They think lot more than that work is needed. They think negatively about their work and they think as far away from the truth. This type of thinking is known as over thinking.
Thinking towards anything is good friends but over thinking is too bad, just because it decreases our motivation level to achieve our goals. This over thinking will tie our mind with strong rope that it will never leave our mind to fight against our problems. It will make our mind to surrender in front of problems; even it has hundred solutions to solve it.
Even some people they day dream about their goals. They think day and night about how to become successful in this society with their dreams. They imagine like they achieved their dreams every single day and they become happy. But this type of day dreaming will not show us a way to reach our goals. They don’t say about how we can work for our dreams. They simply waste our valuable time to reach our destiny.
Some people think hundred negative things about a particular work. Before doing some work they imagine themselves as they failed hundred times by doing that work. This is also false approach friends, every single material on earth have its advantage and also disadvantage. It is not work that fails while achieving our dream but it is our approach of doing that work decides everything.
Our mind has unlimited power, just do this experiment with your mind. Give one strong question to your mind it will find thousand possibilities to approach it. So simply say, your mind gives you thousand times or possibilities what you given to it. If you give positive thoughts and it will open you thousand positive ways to achieve that work. Giving negative things to your brain means you are opening a way for fear to enter.
So, how to avoid this type of thinking?
There are many other activities like exercise, dance, singing, meditation etc which can make people busy and can avoid from over thinking up to certain level. But best method I believe is by giving true situation to our mind and taking action on that true situation.
Friends, some time action is better than our thinking. This will provide us true picture about our problem. Even you may have observed this, your biggest problems was solved in minutes. But you think about that problem months together but it was solved in minutes by your strong action at that time. This courage is needed to overcome your problems and also over thinking. No problems are big but our thinking makes that problem as so big. Finish that problem as early as possible by your action unless it will finish our dream every day.

 This problem ends with the thought "I CAN"

Whatever it takes,
However it takes,
I think “I can”
Obstacles may obstruct me,
Blocks may block me,
But I think “I can”
I see the unseen,
I think no one thinks,
Because I think “I can”
I do undo,
I laugh when people laugh at me,
It’s me always; I think “I can”
I believe that belief,
I strengthen my strength,
If I think “I can”
I dig where no one dig,
I say I can’t,
Because I think “I can”.

Thank you so much friends for the time,

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

The real happiness lies in saving millions of life

Friends, we all make mistakes. We all want our predicted lifestyles. Absolutely, why not?
Everyone dream to live a lifestyle what he imagines but so many ways it avoids us to happen.
Look at my imagination, when I look at sky in the evening, I see the motion of clouds, beautiful shapes of clouds and it is wonderful to see those things. But I go for still deeper and I can see now the motion of air particles in the cloud. I can see the happiness in them. They are dancing, singing and atmosphere is so joyful to feel it. Air particles imagines this is their life and this is their heaven. But friends as time goes on, they must colloid with another cloud to convert them to a liquid form. This is the nature of life and this change is responsible for our existence also. Certainly that collusion of clouds destroys every air particle dream, but it can give lot more than that if we accept that change.
Again, when rain falls all liquid drops joins to river and ocean. They forget all those worries; they again enjoy their life as water drops in the ocean. They now feel this is their heaven. But as time goes on sun will again take those water drops to convert them as clouds. This process is continues and it applies to our life also.
Surely, some situations in our life destroy us in a very bad way but they will teach us a lesson that we will not forget in our life. We are here to enjoy our life but at the same time we are here to know, how to balance in ups and downs of our life also. A perfect driver will be tested in the broken road not in straight high ways. So, whatever comes in your way just go on, learn to balance those things. One day you will be master in it.
The purpose of clouds is to save millions of life on this earth but it will only happen when they break their comfort zone. This nature will decide your identity in this world. So, sacrifice your short time pleasure to get ultimate happiness. The real happiness lies in saving millions of life.         

Thank you friends for your time,

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

How to be a real monk in present world

No one's path

Welcome to this no one’s path friends, I don’t know where it really takes us but it is always a better than any path. This path is a creative path which is different from path we are following.
In this path there is no competition, there is no fight and there is no victory or defeat. Then you may think why we should follow this path?
Friends, the path I am talking about is path of our thoughts. Just think for a second, how many of us live stressful life? How many of us will get frustrated? How many of us will do our work to gain something?
The truth is almost 80% of people are doing this. We are working for a main reason that is to get salary at end of the month. In the process our mind and heart become self-centred. Chasing money is adventures thing and it provokes everyday to do that but nothing we will get. Friends, I am not against money but understand this, most of the business man will spend his whole day with minimum 3 good books and why?
Surely, knowledge is the key to earn money. When you operate to double your money, it will not work for you but when you operate your knowledge then you can shake this world.
It is easy to sacrifice this world to become a monk but it is difficult to become tough monk being absolutely present in this world. Beat down yourself every day, beat down your mistakes, beat down your failures and beat down your past problems.
You are alone in this because you discovered this path and there is no competition for you in this path. Just be true to your soul and keep fighting with you for a change to become better person. Don’t follow majority, follow your heart and soul. We are in illusion that we are in right path but the truth is we are in unknown path. The path which doesn’t have direction and it is unpredictable.
When you stand in front of mirror, you must see an updated person. A person who updated from his failures and every step of him should be a milestone for people who follow him. Be that monk in this modern world. This is the way to build good society and nation also.
Share your comments, “what you feel about this No one’s path?”
I will be waiting for your comments and please share this with your loved ones to spread positivity in them. If you are new to my website follow me on Google plus to stay connected with positive thoughts.

Thank you so much friends for your time,

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Stress management is great leadership skill

Stress management

Stress is too dangerous, it creates more diseases. Stress and anger converts to future blood pressure and heart attack. Avoid these anger and stress as much as possible. Always be peaceful with everyone surrounded by you. If you saw any person is in anger with you then show mercy to him. Try your best to make him smile, because that smile will be bridge of joy for both of you. Our smile is huge tool to spread our love. Our mind is like rubber band, more you give stress and anger, it starts winding and one day it will bust so unwind your stress with smile. God never created any age limitation to us and it is in our hand only. More peaceful means more life and stress means death. Compare dog and tortoise. Dog live 20 years and tortoise 200 years; point out the difference here, the answer is patience. It applies to humans also. Everything on the earth works on Newton’s third law. If you are looking for change in your surroundings, the best thing is to change yourself. The truth is every creature in the earth depends on every other creature. If anyone creature is affected then it effects to whole chain, means to everyone. Replace your ego arrows with love and hit this arrow to everyone then see the magic. Our ego will provide us temporary victory, loose in that game first to get permanent victory. Leader always get mingle with his team as one of the member and he will always know his teams strengths and weakness. He always boost his team with full of energy and he knows how to get work from them in right way without giving stress to his team. Look at the sun, he is ruling earth, without him there is no life everything on the earth depends on him. For his one smile every creature on this earth are waiting every day. Surely leaders burn his team with some radiation but he will always give lot more than that. This is great leadership quality.        

Thank you friends,