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Thursday, 28 June 2018

How to save your relationship

How to Save your Relationship

From birth to death we see many relationships like father, mother, brother, sister, wife, husband, children, friends, colleagues etc. Every relationship has its own limitation. Why we fail to understand those limitations?
Parents want children to follow their words. Husband wants his wife only to love him so much. Children expect lot of things from parents. Friendship means supporting each other and list goes on.
Friends, real problem is in our mind. Real problem is our vision to see the things, isn’t it?
Every relationship must be smooth and free. Every relationship must be trustworthy. No one can control other, only we can only love others. Respect others viewpoint.
Don’t expect anything in relationship because expectation always kills. If you expect from your loved ones. If they are willing to fulfill your dreams also they can’t, why?
Expectation take birth in your mind and no one can know about your expectation.
Just ask yourself friends, why you love your mom?
Just because she cares you? Just because she trust you? Just because she cook good food?
You have answer, no. You love your mom because she is your mom and you don’t need a reason to love your mom. You just love your mom. Same way in every relation also, you accept that relation doesn’t look for default cause.
 If any misunderstanding, quarrel, fight took place between your partner just convince. Convince in right way. This is the fight of two mindsets. One mind sees facts according to it and another in other way. Both are correct. But we both desperately want change in others, that’s all. Fight begins their itself. Don’t do that. Accept as it is. Feel free to ask sorry if mistake is yours. Because even world is against you, if your partner is with you, if your partner support you, you can win any battle and you will get success. Trust, support and understanding are key factors in any relationships.
Don’t give importance to success or failures of any person, always give importance to relationships.

Thank you friends,

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day


Friends, think about those days when you are a baby. You don’t know how to walk, how to talk, how to run, how to read, how to write etc. You only got two guides to know this world; those are your mom and dad. These two friends are god gift to us. Even we consider that god has created parents because he can’t stay everywhere. Their love, care, concern, affection towards us is unbelievable, no one can give this expect them. Our smile is enough to them to forget all their worries and tension. They become child like us and play with us. We are the only world to them and our happiness is their goal. Whatever mistake we do they forgive us and accept us. They write our future. They were the first teachers to us and we learn everything from them. We feel secure in their hands. Their love towards us remains same but they show in different ways. Even if they angry with us also, it is for our good only. Even in their blames also they show love towards us. But we are unable to understand that love. When we grow up generation gap divides us. We cut their control on us. We individually think and take decision. We argue with them and we blame them for many reasons. We hurt them. While doing this before, consult your friends who lost their parents.  You will definitely hear, how difficult to live in this world without parents. It is almost like we lost our shield. So, don’t hurt your parents. Be always happy with them. Friends, I am not saying don’t take your own decision but while taking those decision strongly convince your parents. Your new creativity and their old experience will surely give you good result. For every child his dad is like a superman. I am sure even you also praised your dad like hero with your friends in childhood.
Friends, close your eyes and go back to those best moments with your parents. Play those best videos in your mind. Feel and enjoy.

       Happy Fathers Day,       
                                                              Thank you friends,